Moving house? Ten tips to pack your kitchen properly

Full of tiny objects, fragile items and appliances which are oddly shaped, kitchen packing can be a nightmare. We’ve made the job easier with our top ten tips to ensure the contents of your kitchen make it from your old home to your new in one piece!

1. Label your boxes: one of the cardinal rules when packing a home, it’s vital to label each box with the room it needs unpacking in and a rough idea of the contents. This means you can leave the less important boxes to unpack later. You could also number them which will make it easier to see if any are missing after the move.

2. Check the weight of each box: it’s always better to use more boxes and pack lighter. Over-packed boxes aren’t just heavy to lift, they may also give way unexpectedly! Removalists don’t like moving heavy boxes and when you stack on top of each other, not only is it dangerous but also they can collapse.

3. Label fragile items clearly: moving house can play havoc with fragile goods. Provide clear indications if box contents are breakable. Fragile stickers can be placed on the tops of these boxes and you may also choose to point them out to the removalists on the day.

4. Store spillable items sensibly: zip-lock bags are ideal for dry goods, fridge contents and other items which are prone to spillage. It is also a good time to get rid of old or unused items in the fridge. The less items you are moving from the fridge and freezer the better.

5. Reusable boxes: many boxes designed for moving home are reusable or recyclable. Getting creative when it comes to sourcing packaging could also save you money. Also some companies allow you to hire the packing boxes instead of buying them which will save you money. Make sure you used standard sized moving boxes as they are built for the purpose of moving and stack well.

6. Leave the best til last! Make sure that the “essentials box” (usually containing the kettle and materials for making hot drinks) is packed last so that it’s first out at the end of the journey. Also include items such as TV remotes, keys, jewellery and other valuable items. Clients often choose to move this box themselves in their own car.

7. Use dishcloths and tea towels as additional protection to pack round fragile items. Bath towels work well too. We also recommend purchasing bubble wrap and butchers/wrapping paper from the box company as you will need everything you can get.

8. When moving home, take the opportunity to declutter: discard unwanted items as you pack – less to unpack at the other end! If it isn’t used and doesn’t bring you pleasure, get rid of it. You can sell it, donate to charity or throw it out. The less you have to move the quicker the overall move will be, and the cheaper.

9. Secure the bottom of boxes to give additional strength, reducing the risk of an unwanted box collapse at a later date! We recommend taping the bottom of the boxes at least twice if not three times.

10. Use plastic storage containers to group larger numbers of small items together. This lessens the likelihood of teaspoons and other small items going missing during the moving trip. Pay particular attention to all the screws and bolts for any furniture that is disassembled such as bed frames and TV cabinets. These small parts are the most common items to go missing during a move and will cause a significant problem when trying to re-assemble the furniture.

We hope these tips have been helpful and wish you all the best with moving house!

This article was written in conjunction with our Australian removalist partner, Hire A Mover.

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