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How to Pack Your Belongings before moving home or relocating

Moving to a new home signals a new chapter of your life. For some, it represents the start of better things. Whatever perspective you may be adopting, it is clear that your present quandary is how to pack your belongings. The following tips might help you in this tricky chore that needs to be completed in time for the big day and the removal men arriving.

Plan a spring clean months before you move out Do a general clean and de-clutter of your whole home a few months before you start packing. This enables you to handpick those unwanted items that don’t need to be moved to your new home. Remember the more unwanted items you get rid of the more space in your new home and the cost of the removals or man and van will be cheaper. Everything that is not usable or has no sentimental value should either go into the rubbish bin or recycled. Check if you can donate the items to a charity or if friends or family want them. You can also choose to hold a carboot or sell through ebay and gumtree or one of the other online classified sites.

Stock up with boxes and packing materials Packing your stuff into boxes can take a few weeks and you will probably have more stuff to pack than you initially thought. It is basically a good idea to have more than enough packing supplies for the task. Have some sturdy boxes ready, banana boxes are great for all manner of household things so pay a visit to the local supermarket or grocer. Buy some heavy duty packaging tape to secure boxes it will also come in handy for securing drawers in furniture. Have a pairs of handy scissors too if you do not have a tape dispenser it’s not nice tearing strips of tape with your teeth! You should also have marker pens for writing the contents of boxes and the intended room where the box is to go. If you have breakable items, consider getting “Fragile” stickers for these boxes. Padding supplies such as bubble wrap and newspapers will also be needed to secure items in boxes.

Pack a box containing all your necessities After moving to your new home, it’s likely that you won’t finish unpacking immediately. As such, you need to have your essentials in one or two boxes. This saves you time locating basic needs you will require. This box can contain anything from teabags to toilet paper. Keep all essential paperwork pertaining to your move on your possession or close by in a handy bag.

Start one room at a time Do the packing and clearing one room at a time, decide do you actually use it and if you have not used it in years don’t pack it! Remember to label boxes with their contents so you’ll know which room it was from and where it needs to be placed in your new home. Pack what you are not going to be using before your move and all non-essential items. It would be helpful to prioritise items in each room before starting. When packing your items into boxes try and use the right box for the right item the heavier the item the smaller the box place heavy items in the bottom of a box and lighter items on top.

A well planned move

Take a photo of complicated set-ups Sometimes, it’s harder to re-setup your TV and various boxes sky dvd etc so a quick photo with your mobile phone may come in handy. You can also use your phone to simply take photos to list the steps you took in dismantling furniture items like wardrobes or any system furniture that needs dismantling during your move. This will certainly cut down the stress of reassembling.

Ensure to instruct the removal men to place items in correct rooms This will save you a whole lot of time and trouble later, you may just want them finished and out so you can start to unpack and settle but it will be much easier if everything is in its correct room. When you have a plan for moving, it is always easy using the services of professional removal men like us for the relocation of your home or office move. We have all the necessary equipment along with strong hands that enable you to move without facing any stress and problems. So get your rubbish removal quote today and we will give no obligation advice on all aspects of moving home!

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