Watch them bridges when driving a van

removal van stuck under bridge

The tyres were deflated to remove

van stuck under bridge

Safe removals come unstuck

Van crashes into Railway Bridge  THE roof of a van was cropped off once it crashed into this bridge The van became stuck under the bridge after the impact. Driving a van is obviously different from driving a car, please someone tell the driver of this van Another van stuck under abridge this seems to be very common. EMERGENCY services toiled for three hours to free a van stuck under a town centre bridge. The bridge above Prospect Hill had been beset by difficulties owing to its wedge shape in the past Worcestershire Council applied new safety measures together with more signs and height warning flaps over the road. But another vehicle become lodged in the gap shortly after midday today and a team from the Police worked till 4 pm to finally freeing it. Jon Fraser, the council’s customer and community manager, said: “We can only put this incident down to driver error as we have not had any recounted accidents concerning vehicles striking this bridge since the introduction of new signage and black and yellow chevrons. He added: “The damage caused by this collision is only cosmetic to the bridge.”



We Fit or maybe we don’t fit

A Halfords lorry with the “We Fit” logo got stuck under a railway bridge in Beckenham the BBC reported  The Fire Brigade was called to the sight after the lorry trapped a number of parked cars on the Road. Trains across the bridge were at a standstill as a result of the stuck lorry this instance. A representative for Halfords said: “We would like to apologise for any delays and inconvenience caused to road and train travellers and will be working with the authorities to carry out a full investigation.” The lorry trapped several parked cars when it got stuck under the bridge    Read more ›

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Van and Manpower

Removal Men Porters

One of the main difficulties for people who are moving home is manpower. With the heavy boxes that you must move and cumbersome furniture, certainly this is too much to do it on your own physically it is demanding. Most furniture just cannot be lifted by one person. Even two untrained people could find it problematic. But once you employ a man and van, you won’t have to call your family and friends to come over after work and help you. Depending on the amount of things to move, the removal company can bring one or extra (porters) people to do the job for you who are skilled and experienced at moving big and heavy furniture.

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Manchester Transport

The worlds a smaller place due to transport development we can now live and work further afield without losing touch with friends and family. Manchester Removals is here to help you with your transition in life whatever your needs we will strife to provide. All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.

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